Sound arts and music workshop
“The Invention of the Oracle”

On the border between sound and visual arts, composer and director Jonathan Uliel Saldanha investigates areas of intersection between these artistic territories, exploring tensions between the synthetic and the landscape. His creations are full of references to natural spaces, which the artist transports into artificial spaces. BoCA has maintained an ongoing relationship with the artist, having co-produced the performance-concert “Scotoma Cintilante” (2019) and, in the last edition, commissioned and produced the sound and visual installation for Estufa Fria, “Atavic Machine”. Jonathan Uliel Saldanha’s work has gone through various programming contexts such as CCB, Palais de Tokyo, Culturgest and Teatro Municipal do Porto, or festivals such as Unsound, Le Guess Who?, Sónar or Primavera Sound.

Vibration, language and timbre are elements that participate in the oracular invention of music. Starting from the compositional practice of Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, this workshop will address the fundamental vectors that cross his work: the contamination of the body by the landscape, the mutation of language, the sound pressure of sound systems, rhythm as a temporal catalyst and the alterity of the hyper present. From a selection of sound pieces (for choir, ensemble, electronics and club), an analysis of their cosmology (flesh) and plastic contour (skin) will be made, building a space for the reinvention of listening. Exploring the dramaturgical and cybernetic mechanisms that operate the mutation vectors between the resonant body, technological blood, contamination by sound spectrums and the synthetic dream.

M/16, students, professionals and those interested in sound arts and music

Those interested can register by filling out the form HERE.
Max. 15 participants. Entries are made in order of reception.


Watch here the documentary we produced about “Atavic Machine”, the sound and visual installation by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha that we commissioned for the latest edition of BoCA.

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