Summer School

Performance and activism workshop – “Resistencia o la reivindicación de un derecho colectivo”

10 October 2021 — 13 October 2021
Museu da Cidade - Almada


The Chilean feminist and multidisciplinary collective LASTESIS arrives in Portugal for the first time to lead a performance and activism workshop, which will result in a public presentation. In the convergence between performance, design, fashion, history, music and, of course, political and social activism LASTESIS will conduct a 3 day creative laboratory with the participation of around 80 women and dissenters.


Cinema Workshop – “Camera Ministry”

28 September 2021 — 29 September 2021
Cinema São Jorge


Jamaican-Iranian filmmaker and photographer Khalik Allah, based in New York, runs a workshop for the first time in Lisbon, in which he discusses the spiritual implications of his work, namely the use of photography to capture the essence of a person from a non-judgmental perspective; the recognition of all people as a light, and as a child of God; the choice to find beauty everywhere and in everything around us; and the use of photography to build intimate relationships.


Dance Workshop – “Creation Experiences”

09 October 2021 — 10 October 2021
Casa da Dança / Ponto de Encontro


Brazilian choreographer Alice Ripoll proposes a theoretical-practical workshop: a first part, where she presents her way of directing and choreographing, sharing experiences and methodologies; and a second part, in which the dancers and creatives of Cia REC present practical exercises developed in creative and improvisation processes. A unique opportunity to get together with one of the most significant artists of contemporary dance.


Performing Arts Workshop – “World Models”

14 October 2021 — 16 October 2021


Based on the stage experiments that Frédérique Aït-Touati and Bruno Latour have been conducting together for the past ten years, the workshop proposes to explore these questions through different mediums (video, scenography, philosophy, architecture, cartography, drawing), and to share with the participants the different tools that the troupe has been exploring for several years in the form of scenic and graphic research - a gaïa-graphy.