MUTANTS – between the theatre and the museum

Mutantes – between the theatre and the museum is a national and transdisciplinary project for training and creating new artistic paradigms for young people between the ages of 18 and 28, with diversified training and coming from different areas.
It develops from the idea of an artistic device and the different possibilities of its use. It is driven by the recognition of its exploration both in the performing arts and in exhibition contexts and intends to analyse the places of art by questioning the modes of its manufacture.

Mutantes is inspired by the potential of (de)formation, by genetic hybridism (between one thing and another), here between the theatre and the museum, and by the crossing of original materials (sets of parts of other sets), here seeking to disorder genres, essences, roots, identities and places. BoCA’s project is coordinated by Sara Franqueira, in collaboration with the artistic and mediation teams of the partner spaces, and aims to promote learning in non-formal contexts, assuming itself as a process of inquiry and research into new models of collaboration between the performing arts and the visual arts.

The group met on Saturday mornings, between March and June 2022, in different cultural spaces – theatres, museums and art centres – in the greater Lisbon area (Casa da Cerca, Culturgest, MAAT, Berardo Museum, Teatro do Bairro Alto and Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II), collecting genetic material for its mutations. The months of work and artistic exploration and discussion culminated in the public presentation of the performance “200 Questions to Each”, on June 18, at Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II.