Performing arts, visual arts, performance art and music are vital ways to participate in the world of ideas. Your donation helps BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts to keep its practice focused on its mission, to promote new production and artistic creation strategies, to invest in unprecedented synergies between artistic territories and the most diverse cultural facilities, to continue to expand its presence in different Portuguese and foreign cities, supporting artists in different stages of their paths and offering them the best conditions to be able to develop their work and benefit from the greatest possible visibility.

BoCA supports the artistic sector in different stages of their careers, offering them opportunities for artistic residencies, educational activities, producing and co-producing new creations and integrating their work in a network of national and international circulation.

With your generous donation, you can confirm our commitment closely putted into practice on an ongoing basis: artists with consolidated trajectories and artists of enormous national and international prestige dedicate themselves to the creation of new artistic objects throughout the year, presenting annually the his creations (Production and Artistic Programming); artists benefit from BoCA’s strategic partnerships with the most prestigious national and international cultural facilities to develop artistic residencies of their creations (Art Residencies); art students and young artists benefit from educational activities that contribute to the expansion of their knowledge and deepen their critical spirit, through workshops and conferences during the year (Educational Program); students from different schools and universities receive masterclasses from Portuguese artists throughout the year (A BoCA de); different personalities from the world of culture and civil society occupy gardens in the city of Lisbon to think about the relationship between nature and ecology (Ecotemporaries). And, every two years, we see a cooperation between more than 40 different cultural facilities and more than 50 national and international artists that BoCA puts into dialogue at one of the biggest cultural events in the country, the BoCA Biennial.

Any contribution, however small, is gratefully received. Your donation helps support all of our activities and allows you to benefit from privileged access to our programming and our process throughout the year.
Your generosity drives our work and we thank you for everything that benefits us for the committed development of our mission.

On behalf of our Artistic Direction and Administration team, thank you for playing a key role in our exciting mission!

Boca Associação Cultural
Country: Portugal

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