Summer School

Cinema Workshop – “Camera Ministry”

28 September 2021 — 29 September 2021
Cinema São Jorge


Jamaican-Iranian filmmaker and photographer Khalik Allah, based in New York, runs a workshop for the first time in Lisbon, in which he discusses the spiritual implications of his work, namely the use of photography to capture the essence of a person from a non-judgmental perspective; the recognition of all people as a light, and as a child of God; the choice to find beauty everywhere and in everything around us; and the use of photography to build intimate relationships.


Dance Workshop – “Creation Experiences”

09 October 2021 — 10 October 2021
Casa da Dança / Ponto de Encontro


Brazilian choreographer Alice Ripoll proposes a theoretical-practical workshop: a first part, where she presents her way of directing and choreographing, sharing experiences and methodologies; and a second part, in which the dancers and creatives of Cia REC present practical exercises developed in creative and improvisation processes. A unique opportunity to get together with one of the most significant artists of contemporary dance.