Mini-documentary: “Está Visto” by João dos Santos Martins, Ana Jotta, Joana Sá and Filipe Pereira

3 April 2024

At the Lisbon Academy of Sciences, surrounded by shelves of centuries-old books, João dos Santos Martins – with Joana Sá’s piano disarrangements, Ana Jotta’s costumes and Filipe Pereira’s lighting – dances love, in all its pleasures and pains. Bringing together Heine’s poetry, Schumann’s music and the sign language as a gestural vocabulary, “Está Visto” takes us, with delicacy and intensity, into the intimacy of a lost romance. The performance, premiered at the 4th edition of BoCA, “definitively traces the greatness of what is already one of the futures of Portuguese dance” (Antropositivo).

Also available on Youtube and Instagram. This is the 5th in a series of 8 mini-documentaries produced by BoCA and Waves of Youth.