“Creation Experiences”

The Brazilian choreographer Alice Ripoll, together with the dancers, interpreters and creators of the Cia REC company – Alan Ferreira, Leandro Coala, Rômulo Galvão and Tony Hewerton – are present for the first time in the Lisbon region to present their work, the dance performance “Lavagem” at Lisnave (Almada).
In this context, they will direct the theoretical-practical dance workshop “Creation Experiences”. Alice Ripoll proposes a theoretical part where she presents her way of directing and choreographing, sharing experiences and methodologies. The performers present practical exercises in creation and improvisation used by the company, and share their experiences as dancers and creators in the context of the Brazilian social, political and cultural practices.

Over 16, students and professionals in dance, theater, performance, and those curious in the movement practices


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Partnership: Fundação GDA
Support: Casa da Dança, Fundação Millennium bcp

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