“World Models”

The current changes in our world force us to rethink, collectively, our representations. How can we find alternatives to the Globe model? How can we represent the long time of the Earth, the damaged space of our territories, the fragility of the critical zone, the multiplicity of living beings that make it?

Based on the stage experiments that Frédérique Aït-Touati and Bruno Latour have been conducting together for the past ten years, this workshop will be inspired by the discussions and proposals of the Terrestrial Trilogy (Inside, Moving Earths, Viral), created in collaboration with the stage designer Patrick Laffont-DeLojo, and the concepts and tools of the book Terra Forma, manual of potential cartographies.

The workshop, proposed by Duncan Evennou and Patrick Laffont-DeLojo, longtime collaborators of the company, proposes to explore these questions through different mediums (video, scenography, philosophy, architecture, cartography, drawing), and to share with the participants the different tools that the troupe has been exploring for several years in the form of scenic and graphic research – a gaïa-graphy.

Over 16, students and professionals in performing arts, visual arts, science, philosophy and related fields.

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Production: BoCA
Partnership: Fundação GDA
Supports: Culturgest, Institut Français de Paris, Fundação Millennium bcp

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