New Creation – Concert

Interdisciplinary artist Tânia Carvalho and musician-performer Matthieu Ehrlacher got together to create the music duo Papillons d’Étérnité. They find in traditional Portuguese music – through the collection of excerpts, notes, sounds, melodies, harmonies and rhythms that characterise it – a starting point for their new musical adventure. Tânia Carvalho has already shown us her drawings in the 2017 edition, and it was in 2019 that she learned to play the Chinese musical instrument erhu for a concert at BoCA. Music is not unfamiliar to either of these artists, who during this concert share the stage with the Grupo Folclórico de Faro, who will sing and play.

The instruments played by Tânia and Matthieu, saxophone and erhu, enable the embrace of this new form of experimentation with tradition, with another voice.

Songs are broken down from their original form to be placed, piece by piece, in the construction of a sound trip, where echoes from the past resonate in a flow of voices that come from the inside out, in an atmosphere that takes us to tradition through experimental music that fills the space of the now.


Creation and performance: Papillons d’Éternité (Tânia Carvalho, Matthieu Ehrlacher)
Co-interpretation: Grupo Folclórico de Faro
Technical direction and sound: Juan Mesquita
Communication: Sara Ramos
Administration and financial management: Vítor Alves Brotas
Production: Agência 25
Support: Teatro Lethes


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