The obsession is not new; it was already present in earlier pieces that actively look for the human in the body, which today tends to be covered in excesses, where wealth and speed are synonymous and threaten the construction of identities with the conscience of citizenship. This is part of the aesthetics and ethics of disappearance that dominate contemporaneity.

In Hard to be a god, “disappearance” refers to the body as camouflage or dissimilation. The perfecting of disappearance techniques, associated with the development of the industrial-military-scientific complex, dominates the everyday.

What is occurring today is the disappearance of place and individual at the same time. The disappearance of the individual inside his own body? Or the dissimulation of the body via disappearance of the individual? In Hard to be a god, the body is an anthropomorphic object, a sort of proto-language that reveals a reduced occupation of the human inside the human.



Co-creation John Romão & Romeu Runa
Production Colectivo 84
Support Ministério Da Cultura / Direção Geral Das Artes




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