Exhibition of videos of performances and films by artists who question the relationship between the performing body, architecture and the camera. Artistic projects based on the deep relationship between body-chamber or body-architecture, here focused on closed spaces. The choice will be made directly either from the BoCA archive, or via partnerships with other institutions (Tate Modern and Fundação de Serralves).


21 MAY, 10 pm: GERARD & KELLY, “Schindler / Glass” (2017) Curator: BoCA

With performances by the L.A. Dance Project and original music by SOPHIE and Lucky Dragons, Schindler / Glass was recorded at Schindler House in West Hollywood, California, and at Philip Johnson’s Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut. Both are houses that architects built to house relationships as experimental as their projects. RM Schindler built his home in 1922 for two young couples, in one of the first examples of community life, while The Glass House accommodated the architect and his partner David Whitney in a relationship that preceded the Stonewall rebellion and lasted more than 40 years .

The loose narrative of the 35-minute film follows a family of siblings, who go in and out of sync, separate and separate, return and regroup in both locations. Two dancers in Philip Johnson’s bed hover spectrally in the field beyond the house, reflected in one of the glass windows. A mobile camera traces choreography arcs through the architecture of R.M. Schindler’s vane, exploring the house as a system to frame intimacies. The dancers sing axioms about rhythmic choreography: “The home is a system of regeneration / The family is a system of regeneration / Relationships like clockwork …” [“The home is a mathematical equation / The family is a system of regeneration / Relations like a clock … “].

Gerard & Kelly Schindler / Glass (2017)
Two-channel HD video with sound, 35 minutes
Edition 2 of 5, with 2 AP

Director: Brennan Gerard and Ryan Kelly
Original music: Lucky Dragons and SOPHIE
Editors: Kate Abernathy and Abigail Collins
Directors of photography: Javier Bosques and Alex Salinas-Albrecht
Costume design: Stacey Berman
Assistant director: Chris Tynan
Artists: L.A. Dance Project | Stephanie Amurao, Anthony Bryant, Aaron Carr, Julia Eichten, Morgan Lugo, Nathan Makolandra, Robbie Moore, Rachelle Rafailedes and Lilja Ruriksdottir
Post-production: Harbor Picture Company
Production assistant: Robert Hickerson The artists thank Cole Akers, Luca Borghese, Charles Fabius, Casey Fremont, Shannon Kirk, Kimberli Meyer, Benjamin Millepied, Bettina Prentice, Joseph Rosa, Darrell Smith and Zak Tucker.

Gerard & Kelly are Resident Artists of BoCA 2019-2020

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