“Periférico” is visual/urban artist Alexandre Farto/Vhils’s first work for the stage. In this piece, he considers urban evolution, the emergence of urban subcultures, and their impact in Portugal during the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s.

It is based on his personal experience, as well as the experience of previous generations who lived through the 1974 Revolution and Portugal’s entry into the European Community in 1985. He explores the convergence between various artistic territories, creating a synergy between visual arts, music (contemporary and popular), and dance (classical and street).

This is a dynamic encounter between worlds that are often exclusionary: street art and stage art, marginal and institutionalised means of creativity, global and local culture.


Concept and direction Alexandre Farto (Vhils)
Staging and choreography Anaísa Lopes (Piny)
Staging and choreography assistance Filipe Baracho
Dancers  Alberto Perdomo (Mucha), Douglas Silva (Dougie), Leonor Ramos (Leo), Lúcia Afonso, Maria Antunes, Nelson Teunis
Light design Pedro Azevedo
Scenography Alexandre Farto
Original Soundtrack Chullage, DJ Ride
Sound design Chullage
Video DJ Ride
Video Selection Alexandre Farto, DJ Ride
Video Mapping  United VJs: Pedro Zaz,  Pushkhy, ManuHell Borges, António Afonso, Daniel Rondulha
Production Luís Alcatrão
Support Jazzy Dance Studios
Co-production BOCA (Biennial of Contemporary Arts), CCB




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