Live broadcasts of short performances commissioned by BoCA, thought through the relational body-camera-home device. A relationship is proposed around our current state of confinement and the artistic languages ??mediated by the camera. The performances are live on the BoCA Bienal YouTube channel.



27 JUN: BoCA Sub21
There will be two performances presentations: 8pm (West), the performance “House of” and 9pm (West) the performance “Embracing the virtual”.

House of

“House of Me, House of All, House of Expansion, House of Abundance, House of Artaud, House of Emancipation, House of Kaprow, House of Narcissus, House Without Organs, House of Evangelista, My body is my House, House in 6 Parts, House of Acconci, House of Xtravaganza…welcome to our HOUSE.”

Coordination: Sara Franqueira
Assistance coordination: Lucía Vives
Collective creation:  Juju Bento, António Neves Silva, Beatriz Sarmento Filipe, Francisca Melo, Francisco Barreto Miguel, Francisco Magalhães, Luísa Maciel Waddington, Manuela Menezes Pereira, Maria Leonor Barroco, Marina Neto Vinhais, Martim Alvarez dos Santos, Renato Miranda Chorão


Embracing the virtual

You really need to understand your surroundings
and enjoy within the due madness.
If you don’t end up like someone who doesn’t support the crazy
nor the very meaning of life.
And she is so short
to have only one entry and one exit.
(excerpt from a poem by Bárbara Durão)

 Sara Franqueira
Assistant coordination: Lucía Vives
Collective creation: António Manso Preto, Bárbara Sancho Durão, Beatriz Bizarro Rodrigues, Beatriz Domingues Pereira, Constança Neves Pimentão, Daniel Filipe Vintém, João Ribeiro Coelho, Joana da Ponte Lopes, Joana Silva Bernardes,Mariah de Castro, Matilde Madeira Lopes, Pedro Oliveira Batalha, Rita Borralho Silva, Vanessa Pires dos Santos


BoCA Sub21 is an education and artistic creation project promoted by BoCA. It was adapted to an online format, temporarily, during the pandemic period. BoCA Sub21 is an artistic laboratory where “things” happen; where we experience an artistic exchange inspired by the BoCA Online programming cycle and where we rehearse what means to be a spectator at home. Through meetings with artists, video and film responses by artists, developing performative actions at home or discovering new forms of trans-geographic artistic collaborations.
The group consists of 36 young people from 10 Portuguese cities and 4 foreign cities, divided into two groups.
Follow as shared collective daily on Instagram @ bocasub21.



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