As a recreation of the 90s New York’s Ballrooms, frequented by LGBTQ communities subculture, Groove BALL blooms in the emerging Oporto’s night panorama where we assist to small but yet very relevant cultural and artistic intervention.

In a world increasingly divided, corrupted by conservative and populist perspectives, it seems to exist no place for individuality manifestations. Groove Ball wants to be that place, which has been castrated by the world we live in, but which can also be reinvented; a place where cultural, sexual and emotional freedom are put into practice and that represents the end of expression barriers. By rejecting the idea of ??community we come as many of a whole expecting to get to know ourselves and remain who we are — without any genres, colors or borders.

Groove Ball shows that individuality and freedom may and should be celebrated, in a party where censorship is truly rejected by dragqueens or voguers: a night in which high heeled shoes and bare feet meet and dance until sun rises.

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