In each biennium, BoCA has four Resident Artists. They are artists who work in different artistic territories or at least in very different media, and with whom we want to have a long lasting relationship.
With the Resident Artists, BoCA establishes a deep relationship, thinking together, knowing in more detail their creative motivations, helping to produce new creations in Portugal, promoting the national and international circulation of their works and facilitating the contact between the their artistic practices and the academic contexts.





BoCA commissions and produces the first stage creation by the award-winning Polish visual artist Agnieszka Polska, “The Talking Car”. Throughout 2023 and 2024, BoCA will tour the project internationally, a play whose international cast includes Albano Jerónimo, Íris Cayatte, Bartosz Bielenia and Vera Mantero.



BoCA commissions and produces the installation “What if the autobiographical is nothing more than the history of others passing through us?”, with a new kiln-sculpture by Argentinian artist Gabriel Chaile in tribute to Alcindo Monteiro. From 2023 onwards, BoCA will tour the project internationally.



BoCA supports and promotes the creation-in-progress of “Cafezinho”, a project resulting from a challenge launched by the biennial to choreographer and dancer Gaya de Medeiros, who revisits Pina Bausch’s classic “Café Muller” from her trans body and experience.