The performance “Yawning” by François Chaignaud was banned from Youtube. Then we published it on PornHub.

5 June 2020

French performer and choreographer François Chaignaud conceived the performance “Yawning” for the BoCA Online program.
On May 30, at 8 pm (West), the performance was presented live on Youtube. Between the end of the performance and the beginning of the artist’s conversation with John Romão, BoCA’s director, the video was banned from Youtube. We were forced to start a new transmission, with a new access link, for the post-performance conversation to be broadcast live.
Given that we are unable to publish the video record of “Yawning” performance on Youtube, we decided to publish the performance and conversation on the PornHub website, with the artist permission. Although there is no visual pornographic content in the performance, this website offers the freedom to turn public this artistic object.

Check here more information about the performance and the artist.