The 2nd week was full of creations by Agnieszka Polska, Paul B. Preciado, Gaya de Medeiros, Zia Soares, Lolo & Sosaku, Lisboa Criola and A Noite das Ideias

20 September 2023

We concluded one of BoCA’s most challenging and bustling weeks: we danced to the intergenerational tenderness of Gaya de Medeiros and the thunderous industrialism of Lolo & Sosaku; we rehearsed fluid futures with the world premiere of Agnieszka Polska’s “The Talking Car” and the remarkable national premiere of Paul B. Preciado’s “Can the monster speak?”; we inhabited the public space to question it from migrant perspectives, with “Quimera” by Héctor Zamora, and black perspectives, with the performances of Jzaugust, Rutthe Lopes and Yeri & Yeni around Gabriel Chaile’s installation; we heard the voices of Zia Soares and Djamilia Pereira de Almeida overlooking the horizon, as well as a range of thinkers and artists in the Noite das Ideias (Night of Ideas), among many other moments that will go down in the biennial’s history.