The documentary about artist Andreia Santana’s creation for BoCA is now online

11 April 2022

From the series of 10 documentaries which BoCA produced, we now release the second, about artist Andreia Santana’s creation “Overlapses, Riddles & Spells”. A project commissioned by BoCA which unfolded in two parts.

Firstly as a performance piece, in co-production with CCB, with the glass and iron sculptures being modulated by the poetic writing of António Poppe (poet and visual artist) and by his vocalisation on stage, being used as an extension or body prosthesis by Vânia Doutel Vaz (performer) and with the visceral sound accompaniment by João Polido (musician).

Afterwards, the project took the format of an exhibition in the underground Patriarcal Reservoir / Museu da Água, in Príncipe Real.

Monthly, two documentaries are published in our YouTube channel and Instagram. To watch HERE.