Mutantes presents “200 Questions each” at D. Maria II

17 June 2022

The performance “200 Questions for each” is the public presentation, closing experience and materialisation of Mutantes – between the theatre and the museum, a transdisciplinary artistic training and creation project from BoCA for young people, to take place on June 18, from 3pm to 5pm, at the Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II.

The performance starts from the 200 questions that each performer wrote, to be asked in sequence, on subjects such as space, time, landscape, mutations, performance, science, curatorship, the spectator, theatre, heredity, gender, politics or the museum. Admission is free and the public can come and go as they please.

Coordination: Sara Franqueira

Creation and interpretation: Beatriz Varrecoso, Carlota González, Clara Forte, Francisco Galante, Gabriel Siams, gonssalo, Joana Franco, Lara Maia, Mariana Cabral, Salomé Lopes

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