Gilles Delmas


Born in 1966, artist, photographer, director of experimental films and documentaries, Gilles works a sense of the image, with a certain granularity and plastic that makes his films on choreographers or a documentary either objects Research plastics … Filmography : The Ferryman (documentary, 2016)

It depends of the win (documentary, 2015) The Six Seasons (documentary, 2011)

Living Chiaying (short film, 2009)
Broken Wings (documentary, 2008)
The Promise (short film, 2006)
Zéro degrés d’infini (documentary, 2005)
Heterotopias (short film, 2003)
Limit(s) (short film, 2002)
Léda et le cygne (short film, 1995)

All the work of Gilles Delmas :