BoCA Summer School
Workshop “Total Jan Martens”, with Jan Martens

The Belgian choreographer Jan Martens came to Lisbon during the last edition of BoCA to present his brilliant solo ODE TO THE ATTEMPT, at the MAAT Museum. He returns now to lead a workshop where he will address several central themes of his work, such as meeting or physical involvement and performance, taking participants through the history of minimalism, practicing choreographic methodologies and creating new materials.
The workshop offers a total immersion into the diverse choreographic landscape of Jan Martens’ creations, which introduces participants to the methodologies they have used for some of their work, traveling through the geometric patterns and exhaustion of THE DOG DAYS ARE OVER, slow motion and intimacy of SWEAT BABY SWEAT, the act of slow transformation and structured improvisation of his latest creation RULE OF THREE (2018). Different topics will be addressed: exhaustion, minimalism, humanism, intimacy, body awareness, precision and transparency.


Biography of the artist


WHO IS IT FOR: +16, students and professionals of dance, theater and performance, with a strong body awareness and a basic physical condition.
Those interested should send an email to, until August 30, with the following documentation: name, date of birth, telephone contact and biographical note.

Production: BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts
Partnership: GDA Foundation
Support: National Ballet Company (CNB), Estúdios Victor Córdon, Lisbon City Hall, Millennium BCP Foundation

Next Performances

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  • O Barco / The Boat

    29 September 2022 — 19 October 2022
    Somerset House, London


    Grada Kilomba's first large-scale installation travels to London, at Somerset House. Consisting of 140 burnt wood blocks, it invites the audience to enter a garden of memory, in which poems rest on burnt wood blocks, recalling forgotten stories and identities. What stories are told? Where are they counted? How are they counted? And told by whom? These are questions that arise when entering this installation.

  • Workshop “Phenomena of society and critical and artistic distance”

    30 September 2022 — 02 October 2022
    MAAT - Museu de Arte, Arquitetura e Tecnologia


    She shocked the world in the 1990s when he performed “The Reincarnation of Santa ORLAN”, a series of nine plastic surgeries that were broadcast via satellite to several museums and art galleries in Europe. ORLAN is one of the most important French artists, author of the manifesto “Carnal Art”. She runs a three-day workshop for the first time in Portugal.

  • Coin Operated

    07 October 2022 — 08 October 2022
    Théâtre National de Chaillot, Paris


    "Coin Operated" came from an invitation by BoCA to Jonas & Lander, to create a museum piece. The scenic device features two coin-operated motor horses, with both performers seated on it. For something to happen, the audience has to insert a coin into the horses. The performance addresses the economic and power relationship, the conquest of territory, slavery, the mounting of the more powerful social classes to the less fortunate.

  • Cattivo

    08 December 2022 — 21 December 2022
    La Villette - Grand Halle, Paris


    Installation commissioned by BoCA in 2019, CATTIVO is a large-scale installation made up of hundreds of music stands designed by Cape Verdean choreographer Marlene Monteiro Freitas. Through the use of a sensorial type of stage mechanism, these objects, usually at the service of the musician and the score, become subjects with their own feelings and desires. CATTIVO explores the borders of the animal, plant and imaginary worlds.

  • Trouble

    15 December 2022 — 18 December 2022
    La Villette, Paris


    Film director Gus Van Sant ventures into his first stage creation with a Portuguese team, a musical theater show inspired by Andy Warhol and his overwhelming talent to elevate images to an icon, while scaling as a persona and artist to world celebrity status. A BoCA production touring now to La Villette, in Paris.