BoCA Summer School
Workshop “Sexy MF” with Ana Borralho & João Galante

Artists Ana Borralho & João Galante premiered at the BoCA in 2017 the “Estrelas Cadentes” performance (Pavilhão Branco / EGEAC Municipal Galleries) and now they will run the “Sexy MF” workshop, which will result in a performance at MAAT.
Starting from the erotic imagery and a concept previously used in one of the artist’s works, “Mistermissmissmister” (2002), the “sexy MF” workshop questions the asymmetries that regulate social identities and definitions of masculine / feminine, creating a sexuality game possible, through a re-reading of the bodies of the performers. It is based on the desire to provoke in each viewer a strong emotion in the face of confrontation and direct communication through characters with an obvious sexual ambiguity.

The body and its intimacy / sexuality and eroticism / identity, the behavior of gender and its limits.
How to transcend the notions of feminine and masculine, not only in the intellectual understanding but in the physical experience of the day to day.
How to develop freedom to go beyond the boundaries of what it is that a man or a woman can or can not do.
How to create sexual confusion by nullifying or stressing gender.
How to think and work the relation with the public so as to integrate it in the time and space of the performance, living the experience with the performer.


Biography of the artists


WHO IS IT FOR: +18, students and professionals of performing arts, and interested in general (without professional experience). Those interested in participating in the workshop are asked to be available for partial or full nudity.
Those interested should send an email to, until August 27, with the following documentation: name, date of birth, telephone contact and a short biography.

Production: BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts (Lisbon & Porto)
Partnership: GDA Foundation
Supports: MAAT, Lisbon City Hall, Millennium BCP Foundation

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