Autonomy – that condition that allows us to relate freely to the Other, in other words, what happens by relating the various planes of time and space. This free relationship that can go deep; like the abyss that terrifies and seduces, but doesn’t paralyse. This universe that understands complexity and is open to any direction that the present demands. This particularity, stripped of paradigms, principles, moralities and limits that predefine the encounter with the other and their future.

Tamara Cubas invites us to experiment and analyse the action of certain practices and logics in order to uncover some points that she considers useful in this quest for autonomy. Where is the place of force, desire or drive located? What is the relational strategy? What worlds does it integrate? What logics does it move away from? What are its limits? What are its starting points? What universes does it integrate?

Tamara Cubas is a choreographer, visual artist and cultural manager born in Uruguay, internationally recognised mainly for her work Trilogia Antropofágica. Her work has travelled through various disciplines, from the performing arts to the visual arts, including group and solo exhibitions and installations. One of the predominant themes throughout her authorial career is the last military dictatorship in Uruguay, which marked her childhood and family history.

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