When we talk about the genuine act of creation, we’re talking about an offering that comes from a spiral, a neurosis and a love, situated on a Cartesian graph between spirituality and despair. Through techniques of chance and repetition, we will explore how music defines a meta-architecture and how its spatio-temporal relationship influences the human subjective experience.

A saxophonist with an unstoppable run and vital energy for various movements in this and other cities, Pedro Sousa is recognised as having an ability as rare as it is natural to inhabit and confuse different musical spheres, which, in its passage through jazz in various forms, the more risky electronica, skewed rock and improvisations without a name or place, never loses the collection and personal stamp of the most honest and non-conformist. As well as participating in music in his own name, he has founded bands such as Má Estrela, EITR, Rajada, Falaise, Canzana, Betas, Espaço Emocional, OTO, a quartet with which he collaborates closely (João Lencastre, Rodrigo Pinheiro and Hernani Faustino) and various duos, such as with David Maranha or Simão Simões. He is also co-founder of Casa Futuro, Peter Gabriel Duo, Ferrandini-Sousa-Pinheiro trio, Pão and Performance Colectiva (Gabriel Ferrandini, Maria Reis, Rudi Brito, André Cepeda). He also participates in various bands, such as Caveira, Volúpias das Cinzas and Serpente.

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