Choreographer and dancer, Tânia Carvalho also creates music and drawings. At BoCA, the artist reveals a more unknown side of her work: drawing, the catalyst for her stage ideas, from which all are born. “Toledo” is an exhibition of new drawings, seen as an extension of its choreographic work by the representation of places of the imagination impossible to materialize with dancers.

In his dance pieces, as well as in the drawings of this exhibition, emerge from her language, monstrous and dreamy, references to the baroque and the grotesque. In “Toledo” the choreographies of bodies that, at first glance, seem to be frivolous, are both carnivalesque and macabre, as if they were drawn from rituals, comic strips or horror books.

In an amalgam of bodies that fall, pull, cling, spread, laugh or cry, between the extravagant and the irrational, Tânia Carvalho creates landscapes and abstract figures made up of individual bodies. The drawings are the continuation – or a first gesture – of Carvalho’s questioning of the human condition, loneliness, and her place in the world.


Co-production BoCA, Palácio Viscondes de Balsemão/Câmara Municipal do Porto
Support Artistas Unidos / Teatro da Politécnica


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