Guardians of an archive of the obscure, the artistic duo Van Calhau! create work generated by the mystery of the obvious (blatancy). They are drawn by a deep connection, at times almost primitive, to the world they inhabit. In their concerts, performances, exhibitions, installations, videos (or other forms influenced by these genres), they are the intermediaries between the unknown and the materialisation of what exists in the world as an enigma.

They dive into Plato’s cave and, through the darkness, with a time / rhythm distinct from the real, gain access to a unique view of what surrounds them. The light they anticipate from the cave represents a bringing to the surface something unknown, strange or simply obscure.

In this his ‘tautaulogia’, in the myriad of questions that unfold for who enters the work as it enters a labyrinth, one of the questions that put in “Tau Tau” is: what if the copy is in truth the original?


Direction, design and performance Von Calhau!
Collaboration Vasco Alves
Support/Artistic residency O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo)
Co-production BoCA
Support Artistas Unidos / Teatro da Politécnica




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