Conversations with different guests about Body, Science, Thought, Community, Sustainability, Imagination, in relation to Covid-19, moderated by Cláudia Galhós, Vítor Balenciano and the Generator team. The conversations are live on the YouTube channel of BoCA Bienal. Every Wednesday and Friday until at least the 30th of June.



MAY 8, 8pm (West): Os Espacialistas
Moderator: Ricardo Gonçalves (Gerador)

“Os Espacialistas”, a project directed by the architect Luís Batista, have been collaborating on several BoCA projects, namely at BoCA Summer School in 2018 (co-directing a workshop with the writer Gonçalo M. Tavares) and in 2019 (in partnership with the architect Tadashi Kawamata, around the installation “Overflow” presented at MAAT) or, more recently, in the performance “Os Animais ea Dinheiro”, presented in Lisbon, Porto and Braga. In this conversation, who better than those who think about architecture and the relationship with the performative body to talk about how the concept and image of home and inhabiting the home, have been transformed with the experience of this pandemic?

Os Espacialistas is a laboratory project of theoretical and practical investigation of the connections between Art and Architecture, which began in 2008. They replace the pencil with the camera, as a device for drawing, thinking, perceiving and diagnosing the natural and built space, whose actions are regulated by the Diário do Espacialista and assisted by the “Kit Espacialista Por / tátil” that they carry with them. Among the works carried out, the following stand out: architectural projects, photography exhibitions, videos, installations, scenic spaces, performances, literary collaborations, photographic illustrations, workshops, seminars and publications. Presented in places as diverse as the Electricity Museum (2008), Lagar de Azeite Gallery (2008), Paulo Amaro Contemporary Art Gallery (2008), Order of Architects – OASRS (2008), Lisbon International Art Fair (2008) , Laboratory of Creative Activities (2009), Cultural Center of Caldas da Rainha (2009), Cultural Center of Belém (2009/2011), Bandstand of Jardim da Estrela (2009), Garden of Torre de Belém (2009), Universidade Lusíada de Lisbon (2009), National Culture Center (2009), Auditorium of the Oceans (2010), Teatro da Trindade (2010), University of Fine Arts of Porto (2010), Teatro do Campo Alegre (2010), São Luiz Teatro Municipal (2010/2011), Red Bull House Of Art (2011), Open Circuit of Public Art of Paredes (2012), Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto – FAUP (2013), 17th Cerveira Biennial (2013), book “Atlas of the Body and Imagination ”by Gonçalo M. Tavares, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (2014/2015), Fábrica da Moagem de Tomar (2014), “Post Architectural Voices” (Espaço Mira, Porto, 2015). Project on Display: “Os Espacialistas no Palácio” (March / April 2016), “LAR – Laboratory of Art and Architecture” at Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa (2016 / —-) and Espacialista Shop at Centro Cultural de Belém (2017 / – -).



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