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JUN 17: Miguel Moreira, 7pm
Moderator: Claudia Galhós

Performing Arts and Crafts Course.
Between 1991 and 1997 he was part of the Coletivo de Teatro O Grupo, in Almada. He worked on several productions of the collective Olho, at Espaço Ginjal. Participation in various Cosmic Cannibalism performances.
Collaborated with Teatro O Bando since 1996 – 2016.
He worked with directors such as João Brites, João Garcia Miguel, Paulo Castro, Demarcy Mota, Claudio Hochman, Manuel Wiborg, António Pires, Tiago Rodrigues, Carlos Afonso Pereira, Ana Nave, João Perry, António Olaio, João Ricardo, João Sarabando, Teatro Praga , Michael Oliveira, Susana Vidal, Tonan Quito – director with whom he won the award for best actor, awards given by SPA in 2016, for his interpretation in Ricardo III. He was nominated for the “Golden Globes” for the same prize.
She worked with Vera Mantero, Olga Roriz, Teresa Simas, Rita Judas, Ana Borralho and João Galante, Rui Horta.
Participation in Skite in 1994, experimental work with Clara Andermatt and Alain Platel.
As an interpreter and creator he presented shows in Scotland, England, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Colombia, São Tomé and Principe, Denmark, Mexico, South Korea, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, and in many cities in the country.
He was an assistant actor in the show Pilgrimage at Expo 98, having integrated the scene machine of the German group Titanic directed by Uwe Kolh as an actor.
He collaborated with the musician Pedro Carneiro and with Orchestrutopica in the show “Berio in sequence” and “Open letter to Pedro Carneiro”, with the musician Pedro carneiro and louis Sclavis.
In the cinema he worked with Rodrigo Areias, Eduardo Guedes, Raquel Freire, João Botelho, Pedro Senna Nunes, Ivo Ferreira, Luís Fonseca, Paulo Rocha, João Nuno Pinto, among others.

He organized several workshops and taught at the school where he was trained. He founded Útero Associação Cultural in 1997 where he developed his artistic identity. He directed shows like “1999! And the flying penis … ”,“ Last Summer ”,“ Homeless ”,“ Na Rua ”,“ Parede ”, the Opera” Orfeu Ed Eurídice “,” Duelo “,” Pele “” Pântano “among other shows. He was responsible for several sectors of activity in the association. Útero was nominated for the awards for best choreography 2012, a prize given by SPA, with the show “The Old King” and the same show was selected for the official program of the 2012 Avignon Festival. Since that show, he had a close relationship with Romeu Runa and the shows created by Útero covered many theaters in Portugal and Europe. Miguel Moreira and Romeu Runa, were associated artists at 104 in Paris between 2012-2014 and Associação Útero is an associated structure of Centro Cultural Vila Flor since 2012 – European Capital of Culture Guimarães. He directed at Teatro O Bando with Bibi Gomes “De um oculto” in 1999 and “Crucificado” with João Brites in co-production with Útero, with which he won “O Monstro do Ano” for the best theater show. He debuted in the staging in 1997 in the collective of Teatro O Grupo with the show “As maminhas de Tirésias… Nós e Apollinaire”. “Pai à Força” and had occasional participations in several series and soap operas.

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