Conversations with different guests about Body, Science, Thought, Community, Sustainability, Imagination, in relation to Covid-19, moderated by Cláudia Galhós, Vítor Balenciano and the Generator team.
The conversations are live on the YouTube channel of BoCA Bienal.
Every Wednesday and Friday until at least the 30th of June.


22 MAY, 10pm (West): Linn da Quebrada (multimedia artist, singer, songwriter)

Moderator: Vítor Balenciano

Linn da Quebrada wants to make you think & dance. With an album already released – Pajubá, 2017 (independent) -, the Brazilian singer, who is also an actress, screenwriter and presenter, toured Brazil – and part of the world – with her powerful and dancing shows. A doctor and a monster of herself, the artist investigates her own corporeality and narrative powers, based on performances sometimes inspired by Pajubá’s repertoire, sometimes with the experimental process Trava Línguas. Accompanied by his band – Jup do Bairro (vocal backing), Dominique Vieira (percussionist), BADSISTA (DJ) and Pininga (DJ) -, Linn da Quebrada has stood out in the Brazilian electronic and experimental music scene from a musical mix indecipherable. Made of pop, funk, global ghetto and more, this sound experimentation has also boosted its presence in other countries. Mexico, France, England, Germany, Portugal, Norway, among others, were some of the destinations where the composer has already taken her creations, including a presentation within the Spanish festival Primavera Sound, in 2019. For 2020, Linn is getting ready for the launch of a new disc. In Berlin, in 2018, inside the Berlinale, Linn won the Teddy Awards for “Best Foreign Documentary”, with the doc. Bixa Travesty, by Kiko Goifman and Claudia Priscilla. This award was just one of several that the work won at various film festivals – international and Brazilian -, boosting the trajectory of the screenwriter and protagonist of the film around the world. Once on the big screen, in 2019 Linn also occupies the small screen, as a TV presenter for the first time in his career. Along with Jup, she heads the talk show TransMissão, which premiered this year on Canal Brasil (Globosat) and is also part of the unpublished series “Segunda Chamada” (Rede Globo).
In 2019, the BoCA biennial ended with a concert at Lux / Frágil.


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