Lolo & Sosaku, one of the most inventive duos in contemporary art, investigate the possibilities of sculpture as an expanded field, in relation to performance, sculpture and sound. They create projects aimed at exploring the relationship between space and the public, creations that seek friction and tension, and explore the ability to create new meanings.
Their work transits between different artistic languages such as sculpture, installation, kinetic art and painting, often incorporating music and sound. The duo’s modus operandi is to constitute himself as a subject and go from his mechanical materiality to transcendence, mysticism and the unknown.
Electronic music is certainly the highlight of his inspiration as a complex language translated into sound installations and sculptural compositions. Shapes, lines, materials and sounds are brought together in moving sculptures that act by taking their own voice in a continuous and unpredictable transformation. Exploring many artistic horizons and redefining boundaries, their interest is the energy and hidden forces that have guided life in our technological age.
At BoCA, they create a new performance that is presented in two unique nights, in Lisbon and Faro, a sonic experimentation of inorganic resonance and pulsating beats of the industrial landscape. Capturing the sound of the collision of materials such as aluminium, iron, rubber, plastic, generated by the spin and torque of engines, the duo pushes the boundaries of post hard techno rave sound.

Lolo & Sosaku’s work has been presented at the Reina Sofia Museum (Madrid), Sónar Festival (Barcelona), Mira Festival (Barcelona), Teatre Lliure (Barcelona), Centre Pompidou (Paris), MACBA – Museum of Contemporary Art (Barcelona), PSA – Power Station of Art (Shanghai), MIS Museum of Image and Sound (São Paulo), Casa França Brasil Foundation (Rio de Janeiro), Naves Matadero (Madrid), Night Time Story, (Los Angeles) Palace of Culture (Iasi), Luis Adelantado Gallery (Valencia) and Instituto Cervantes (Milan), among others.

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