Live broadcasts of short performances commissioned by BoCA, thought through the relational body-camera-home device. A relationship is proposed around our current state of confinement and the artistic languages ??mediated by the camera. The performances are live on the BoCA Bienal YouTube channel.
Every Saturday until at least the 30th of June 2020.



6 JUN, 8pm (West): Luísa Saraiva & Carlos Azeredo Mesquita
Performance title: Apatia Hiperactiva
Followed by conversation with John Romão

To deal with the endless state of apathy, Luísa Saraiva and Carlos Azeredo Mesquita describe impossible, unlikely, relatively incoherent and easy to perform performances at Zoom.

Luísa Saraiva is a choreographer and performer. During the 2019/2020 season she is a resident choreographer for the Tanzania Hamburg K3 program. Carlos Azeredo Mesquita is an artist. His lecture “Diet Plan for the Western Man” was presented in August 2018 at KW Berlin, as part of the public program of the Berlin Biennale. Together they developed the play “I know it when I see it” in 2019.




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