“Incorpóreo” is one of the most challenging solo exhibitions by Glantosz (João Melo), a young photographer from Faro who, at the age of 18, addresses complex themes such as conflict, sensitivity and the problem of accountability in the contemporary world.

Glantosz’s visual interventions, which are part of the exhibition “Presente Invisível” at the Fábrica da Cerveja, essentially raise two questions: “Am I one of these usually invisible elements of society that the artist portrays? Am I one of the blind people who look away from these figures?”

Divided into three parts, the artist exposes the frontality of what urgently needs to be recognised: the nine identities of invisibility (The Windows, which allude to the very architecture of the Fábrica), the ignored public spaces of the city (The Streets) and the victims historically relegated to indifference or concealment (The Work).

“Incorpóreo” serves as a set of triggers for the “common hypocrite” or a torch in a dark forest of bodies and identities. Opening with a performance on 6 September, the project intersects the architectures of the windows and walls of the Fábrica da Cerveja building with the architectures of the sensitive, the public space and the body.

Commission: BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts

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