Creation site specific – Musical performance
“Half a Name”

Pan Daijing, born in Guiyang, China,  an living in Berlin, is an artist, composer and performer who creates live work that channels sound to tell stories across multiple disciplines and forms, such as performance, music, dance and installation.

Her performances are enveloping, sensory experiences that re-define sound beyond a purely sonic category. Signing site-specific and large scale creations, her compositions dialogue with concepts of philosophy and psychological affection. Fiercely moving, her practice sharpens and and narrates interiority; provoking the boundaries between live art and music, and sheltering the audience inside her creations.

Cited as one of the most uprising figures in the current avant-garde, she has showcased her work and performed in museums such as Palais de Tokyo and Rockbound Shanghai, theatres such as Volksbuhne and HAU, underground clubs like Berghain as well as festivals such as CTM, Sonar, Unsound and the London Contemporary Music Festival.

“Half a Name” is a site-specific musical performance for the National Pantheon, in which Pan Daijing takes on the expansive sound and visual documentation of her large-scale performances, developed in recent years. Deconstructing moments of memories, the piece explores the possibilities of the performative archive, as well as its practice in experimental narrative. A certainly poetic and mysterious production, which unfold the artist’s first time in Portugal.

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