Under the invitation of BoCA, Gabriel Chaile creates a new installation for Praça do Carvão at MAAT – a tribute to Alcindo Monteiro, a young Portuguese man, born in Cape Verde, brutally murdered in 1995, in a crime that exposed, and continues to expose, racism structure that finds space and legitimacy in the country. Around the oven-portrait of Alcindo, a series of collective activities are planned, on four dates, with food, debates, music and film screenings. Detailedly composing this moment of encounter – of places, times and identities –, filled with warmth and belonging, Chaile places his sculpture “Self-Portrait” face to face with the “Alcindo Monteiro” oven, in an effort to involve his body in this exchange glances and stories, with honesty and empathy. “What if the autobiographical is nothing more than the story of others passing through us?” asks Chaile.

On this second date of musical, performative, cinematographic and reflexive activations around the installation by Gabriel Chaile, Lisboa Criola collaborates in the programming of the 2nd activation with three music concert by Yeri & Yeni, Rute Lopes and Jzaugust.

Commission and production: BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts
Partnership: MAAT – Museu de Arte, Arquitetura e Tecnologia
Support to the program of the public program: Lisboa Criola



Célio Cardoso aka Jzaugust, composer guitarist born and raised in Angola, moved to Lisbon at the end of 2017, made himself at home and has built his career at a steady pace, having accompanied the artist Tristany for 2 years, among other works today he would focus on his personal instrumental music project, where according to him the best of human emotions are hidden.


Daughter of Cape Verdean parents, Rutthe was born and raised in Portugal in an environment that was an extension of Cape Verde. Daughter of the diaspora, she has always been very focused on her personality and identity and has never hidden the unconditional love she has for Morabeza. Her favorite genres are African music, soul, funk and blues. She always tries to put everything she has on stage, allowing herself to be immersed in a certainty: always singing love with the same truth in which she believes.


With origins on the islands of S.o Nicolau and Santiago, Yeri and Yeni grew up on the Sintra line. It was thanks to this cultural diversity – between Sintra and Cape Verde – that the duo developed a taste for crossing influences from Cape Verdean, Portuguese, Angolan, Brazilian, Senegalese and North American music and genres such as R&B, Soul, Funk , Pop, Zouk, Kizomba, Afro-beat or Jazz.

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