In a partnership between BoCA and Futurama, the harmony between the sounds of the harp, with the delicate movements of the young artist from Porto Frederica Campos, and the unique timbre of the viola campaniça with the words of the traditional Alentejo songbook, by the Alentejo quintet Os Moços da Viola Campaniça, will be felt at the São Luiz Municipal Theatre. 

With a dedication and love of music that comes through in their hands and voices, as well as a particular attention to discovering the contemporary in classical and traditional Portuguese music, both musicians are promising on the national scene. Frederica made her debut as a soloist at Casa da Música’s Suggia Hall in 2018 and has performed with various orchestras, including the Portuguese Philharmonic, in different cities across Portugal. The Moços da Viola Campaniça, whose talents range in age from 17 to 40, have expanded the horizons of Castro Verde to make the musical culture of the Baixo Alentejo known throughout the country. 

These two musical universes now come together in an unexpected encounter that invites us to follow the trail of the telluric pulse vibrating in the cadence and mystical strings of the harp and the resilient ones of viola campaniça.

Support: Castro Verde City Council

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