Party Dengo Club x BoCA

Created in 2021 by Saint Caboclo, Dengo Club is a counterculture idea that wants to bring more color and diversity to the world of Portuguese electronic music. In his own words, the project is “a collective of black immigrants in Lisbon, creating a safe space for women, LGBTQI+ people, people of color and immigrants”.
Dengo Club is a platform for creative people from the Lisbon underground and a party that goes beyond the consumption of electronic music for the purposes of alienation. Going to meet black culture, he wants to break the perception that the alternative environment is made only of Western electronic music, highlighting music played by black people.

On September 16th, we prepared a special party, “Dengo Club x BoCA: Showcase of New Artists”, at MOME (next to Jardim de Santos).

Line Up:
– Toboggan
– Marcolan
– Maribell
– Bieu

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