Who are the new migrants? And what desires do they have when they migrate to the country that colonised them? Continuing his theatrical, visual and sound research that challenges a critical look at the historical relationship between Portugal and Latin America, Tiago Cadete’s new project takes the form of a large-scale installation, “Concerto”, for the first time.

This installation was created from interviews with 30 migrants from 20 Latin American countries, trying their luck in Portugal and Spain, whose testimonies make up the text of this performative installation. At Fábrica da Cerveja, in Faro, we hear a migrant symphony, a concert made up of multiple voices of Latin American migrants. The capacity for listening and curiosity that is activated in the spectator, through 20 speakers pointed in their direction, makes them witnesses and accomplices of a sound score that reveals contemporary migratory processes in juxtaposition with colonial history. A concert that makes us project, through listening and imagination, the body and the processes of crossing that each of them made until arriving there, in front of us.


Creation, sound and light design: Tiago Cadete
Sound design: Nico Espinoza
With the participation of: Alina Canosa; Alison Rojas; Angel Arteaga; Damariz Ushiña; Danitsa Cabrera López; Elida Hernández; Emilsón Henry; Esther Lozano; Ikebana Cabrera; llonka Flores; Jonathan Bonilla; Kevin Mazariegos; Leonela Rendón; Lucía de la Maza; Melody A.; Paulina Tovo; Roxana Gomez; S. Martínez; Sergio Del Rio; Thais Peixoto; Vinicio Figueredo.
Producer: Ana Lobato
Mediators (PT): Jonnathan Zapata and Pablo Peixoto
Mediator (CAT): Laura Colomé
Translation and transcription: Diana Cadete and Lucía de la Maza
Press Officer: Mafalda Simões
Teaser: Afonso Sousa and Tiago Cadete
Photographs: Pedro Jafuno
Production: Co-pacabana
Support: Servei de Nova Ciutadania; CNL Granollers; Casa-Atelier Vieira da Silva
Co-production: ARTEMREDE (PT), in association with the Municipalities of Alcobaça and Pombal and Transversal (CAT), in partnership with the Municipality of Granollers, in Tandem under the project Stronger Peripheries: A Southern Coalition.
Residencies: Casa Varela – Centro de Experimentação Artística and Cine-Teatro de Alcobaça João d’Oliva Monteiro (PT), CAM – Centre d’Arts en Moviment Roca Umbert (Centre for Moving Arts) and TAG – Teatre Auditori de Granollers / Llevant Teatre (CAT).
Technical residency: Malaposta Cultural Centre
Project funded by: Stronger Peripheries: A Southern Coalition, co-financed by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union and the Portuguese Republic – Culture / Directorate-General for the Arts.

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