In this new piece, Ana Borralho & João Galante propose an unpredictable and engaging journey that explores the volatile and transitory nature of human connections in the digital age. The proposal is to transform the stage into a chatroom, calling the audience to be an active part of the artwork. 

Visitors to this virtual room are immersed in a video screen that spans the horizon. They are then invited to choose a username and an avatar in order to build a unique digital identity. The challenge is for them to exchange visual or audio messages with each other, reflecting on themes such as landscape, presence, self and other, loneliness, identity, vulnerability and empathy, while the line between virtual reality and human experience becomes increasingly blurred.

Surprising connections are quickly established and dissolved as images float across the canvas like abstract brushstrokes. An anonymous cast observes the interaction by participating as subtle moderators, providing provocative prompts to encourage further introspection, and the structural sequencing of the piece.

In short, “Chatroom” is an experience that illuminates the complexity of human relationships in the contemporary world. A collective meditation that rather than pushing away, awakens the sense and need for connection and understanding between virtually connected human beings.


Concept and artistic direction: Ana Borralho & João Galante
Artistic and dramaturgical collaboration: Fernando J. Ribeiro
Artistic assistance: Daniel Matos
Original soundtrack: Coolgate aka João Galante
Collaborators: Ana Freitas, Inês Coias, Tiago Gandra
Technical director: Manuel Abrantes
Executive director and administration: Mónica Samões
Production and dissemination director: Andrea Sozzi
Producers: Joana Duarte and Maria João Malheiro
Communication: this is ground control
Production: casaBranca
Co-production: BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts
casaBranca is a structure funded by the Portuguese Republic – Culture / Directorate-General for the Arts.

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