Commissioned by BoCA in 20219, CATTIVO is an installation comprised of hundreds of music stands, bringing to the stage a community of a highly musical kind. By means of a stage set which has the look of an intense soundscape, the objects become subjects. This in turn provides Marlene Monteiro Freitas with the opportunity to affirm her unbridled musicality.

Music occupies a primordial place in Marlene Monteiro Freitas’s creative work. A source of influence that she makes no secret of, the musical elements in her work are often performed live, vocals and instruments alike. In CATTIVO, she once again goes one step further, by means of a large-scale installation made up of hundreds of music stands. Via the use of a sensorial-like stage mechanism, these objects, habitually at the service of the musician and the score, become subjects with feelings and desires of their own. Nevertheless, when they are handled in a particular way, they can be highly anthropomorphical. They are a bit like puppets, made in the image of man or animal. As if they have a life of their own, they make up a symphonic community, with its different instruments, rhythms, and melodic lines. They might be an arena, a garden or a dolls house. This installation explores les frontiers of the animal, vegetable and imaginary worlds. CATTIVO is an extended voyage.

Design: Marlene Monteiro Freitas
Featuring André Calado, Andreas Merk, Marlene Monteiro Freitas, Miguel Figueira, Tiago Cerqueira, Yannick Fouassier

#1 Marlene Monteiro Freitas + Andreas Merk, 08/12, 21h-22h30
#2 Marlene Monteiro Freitas + Andreas Merk, 10/12, 20h-22h30
#3 Marlene Monteiro Freitas + Andreas Merk, 11/12, 14h-16h
#4 Flora Detraz + Miguel Filipe, 17/12, 20h-22h30
#5 Flora Detraz + Miguel Filipe, 18/12, 14h-17h
#6 Flora Detraz + Miguel Filipe, 21/12, 21h-22h30

Commission: BoCA
BoCA e P.OR.K (Soraia Gonçalves, Joana Costa Santos)
Touring: Key Performance
Co-production: Teatro Nacional São João e São Luiz Teatro Municipal
Acknowledges: Alexandre Mota, Armindo Neves Ruivo ANR, AutoCoelho, Berto Pinheiro, Bruno Leonel Marques, Cláudio Silva (Salpinx, ancient Greek trumpet), Eurico
Gonçalves, Gliding Barnacles, Jorge Gomes, José Capote, Lourenço e Letra, Márcio Oliveira
Co-presentation: La Villette, Festival d’Automne à Paris
This event is part of the 2022 France-Portugal Season
With support of LVMH, 
member of the Sponsors Committee of the 2022 France-Portugal Season

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