On Saturday, 14 October, BoCA celebrates the end of its programme at Musicbox. King Kami, DJ Narciso and Mel are the DJs chosen to close the 4th edition of this celebration of art, with a programme identity based on crossings between artistic territories, between languages and geographies, between times and spaces.


King Kami is the stage name of Kamila Ferreira, a Brazilian DJ who lives in Lisbon. Her musical career began in 2015 with the duo CARAVAGYO, founding NOITE MEDUSA. Since 2018 she has also been Pedro Mafama’s DJ. She has played at venues such as Maus Habitos, Musicbox, B.leza, Copenhagen and others. With her own musical research and selection, she mixes mainly rhythms from the north-east of Brazil, such as Brega Funk and Brazilian Funk. She has always followed the evolution of these rhythms and is always on the lookout for the rhythms of the future.


DJ Narciso is part of the RS Produções crew, along with his colleagues Nuno Beats, Nulo, Dj Lima, Farucox and the honorary MC Pimenta. The collective from “Bagdad” (Rinchoa, Rio de Mouro) was formed in 2016 in their teen age years and have since reached a wider audience particularly after the release of their debut EP “Bagdad Style” on Príncipe 4 years ago. DJ Narciso stands out in the crew as a producer in continuous creative flow of new themes and dj tools, proportionally dense and flexible, in low and high rotations, working melody and metallic beats with equal proficiency. He released in February of 2022 a collaborative EP with UK producer Endgame, titled “NXE”, on Shanghai based label SVBKVLT.

The acclaimed debut long-player “Saúde Em 1º Lugar” by RS Produções came out last December and his solo debut record on Príncipe – a one sided 12’’ comprising a comissioned piece he did for a dance coreographer – should follow soon.


Melissa Pereira, of Cape Verdean origin, is known for her work in Lisbon’s cultural scene as an event producer. Recently, she has ventured into DJing as Mel, where she aims to reflect her life experiences by presenting afrobeat, beat, house and deep house.

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