BoCA Sub21 is a participatory and experimental project that was born during the first edition of the contemporary arts biennial. In Lisbon and Faro, two groups of young people followed the biennial’s programme and the issues that emerged from it, in a process of thought and creation that is now shared with the public in both cities.

“SUB-VARIATIONS” is the creation of the group formed in the Portuguese capital, which presents a set of performative variations based on reflections on what is seen but not present; what is present but not seen; and what is seen but invisible.

Creation: Afonso Torres, Alice Coelho, Beatriz Carola, Beatriz Nunes, Cíntia Silva, David Sardinha, Francisco Antunes, Leonor Pereira,Marina Costa, Marta Jales, Nuno Redin, Sancha Fonseca, Sofia Kaori, Pedro Silva, Polly Almeida, Zoé George
Artistic mediation: Sónia Baptista

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