World renowned, William Forsythe is considered to be one of the main choreographers of our time. For over four decades he has created outputs that redefine the vocabulary of classical ballet and his innovative approach to choreography, directing, lighting and dance analysis has influenced countless choreographers and artists. Since the 90s, parallel to his stage creations, Forsythe has developed installations, sculptures and movies he calls “Choreographic Objects”. Blurring the lines between performance, sculpture and installation, his “Choreographic Objects” invite the spectator to confront the fundamental notions of choreography.

BoCA presents for the first time in Portugal one of the pieces that integrates this “Choreographic Objects” series, the video-installation “Alignigung 2”, in three museums of the three official hosting cities of BoCA 2019.

“Alignigung 2” introduces a choreography where dancers Riley Watts and Rauf Yasit (aka “Rubber Legz”) cross their bodies in a constellation of knots. It is offered an object that subtracts common elements usually linked to choreography: the structural development of time and space and the visual isolation of some parts. The intertwining two bodies form what Forsythe likes to call “optical puzzles” for that complex intertwine creates optical enigmas that frequently defy logic. “Alignigung 2” is a hybrid between choreography, film and sculpture, and counts with the musical collaboration of Ryoji Ikeda.


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