As part of the Multicultural Festivities of the Vale da Amoreira, promoted by the União de Freguesias da Baixa da Banheira e Vale da Amoreira, the outdoors concert Música Cigana Camões Yanomami / A Soma de Todxs will fill the streets with the poetry of Camões, texts by Davi Kopenawa (Yanomami indigenous leader) and Roma Music.

In a combination between poetry and music, this meeting creates a communicating composition between original expressions. The conviviality of plural learning is vivifying. This is community. Composing music and poetry to contemplate the unique nature of the world. The firm determination to end the violence of exclusion. A group for contemplating the fusion that never stops revealing nature.

La Família Gitana are Ari Monteiro, Ângelo Quintino, Rui Marques, Hugo Fernandes and Ângelo Giménes, who, in addition to the blood ties that unite them as a family, make heritage and tradition a daily pleasure. António Poppe is a poet and visual artist, or perhaps something permanently in transit between the two, in the implied act of awareness of the being-together-in-the-present, or if meditation were not also a fundamental part of the artist he is.


With: La Família Gitana and António Poppe
Poems: António Poppe, Davi Kopenawa Yanomami, Luís Vaz de Camões
Production (creation): Catarina Pinto
Head of production: Hugo Alves Caroça
Production: BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts
Co-production: Futurama

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