You can now watch the documentary about the concert by António Poppe and La Família Gitana

11 April 2022

“Música Cigana Camões Yanomami / A Soma dos Seus” is the concert-performance which joins poet and visual artist António Poppe to the gypsy musicians of La Família Gitana.

Between poetry and music, the project commissioned by BoCA combines the poetry of Camões and texts by Davi Kopenawa (indigenous leader of the Yanomami community) with gypsy music. In this new creation, the images of Camões’ poetry and gypsy music gain a transcultural expression, through new combinations and original sonorities. The show premiered in Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian in Lisbon, being afterwards presented in Fábrica da Cerveja, in Faro. BoCA continues it’s touring in 2022-2023.

This is the 6th among 10 documentaries about 10 projects which were part of the 3rd edition of Biennial BoCA, to watch on our IGTV or in BoCA’s YouTube channel. To watch HERE.

Creation and direction: António Poppe
Co-creation and music: La Família Gitana
Production: BoCA
Support: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, S.R.A.F.