It is online the documentary about the powerful performance “Water in a Heatwave” by Miles Greenberg

7 December 2022

“Water in a Heatwave” is the creation of canadian artist Miles Greenberg, presented for the first time to a portuguese audience in the Biennial BoCA 2021.

Carpintarias de São Lázaro welcomed this durational performance, with an original score by personaljjesus, in which, in pairs, eight performers clash their bodies into each other atop a series of pedestals, generating tensions within space, for four hours. Following up on previous projects by the artist, “Water in a Heatwave” defies the limits of physical resistance and expresses an unromanticised view of the black queer body.

This is the 5th among 10 documentaries about 10 projects which were part of the 3rd edition of Biennial BoCA, to watch on our IGTV or in BoCA’s YouTube channel. To watch HERE.