Have you seen the documentary about “Atavic Machine” by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha? Watch it here

11 April 2022

“Atavic Machine” is the installation that transdisciplinary artist Jonathan Uliel Saldanha created for the Biennial BoCA 2021, presented at Estufa Fria in Lisbon, with the support of Câmara Municipal de Lisboa.

The project, comissioned by BoCA, joined the action of a sound and light machine with the environment of a green space (of human construction). Through the displacement of synthetic sounds and the projection of lights, relationships refering to natural phenomena were created, like the movement of a flock of birds, exploring the tension between, on one hand, an artificial construction and, on the other, those relationships suggestive of something organic or natural.

This is the third among 10 mini-docs you can watch on our IGTV or in BoCA’s Youtube channel. To watch HERE.