The serie of podcasts “Passeios Verdes” which brings together botanical visits by Diana Policarpo, is now online

25 September 2021

BoCA 2021 | Diana Policarpo 
I want to see my mountains – “Passeios Verdes” (2021)

In the year that celebrates the centenary of the birth of Joseph Beuys (1921-1986), BoCA creates the project “The Defense of Nature”, a collaborative artistic project that promotes new artistic creations in natural space.
Curated by Delfim Sardo and Sílvia Gomes, “I Want to See My Mountains” features the participation of artists Sara Bichão, Diana Policarpo, Dayana Lucas, Gustavo Sumpta, Gustavo Ciríaco, Musa paradisiaca, and Berru.
The premise invites artists to look at the legacy of Beuys, while observing their own mountains, or their inner self. Based on different artistic foundations and genres, ranging from plastic arts to performing arts, each artist is invited to design an unprecedented intervention to take place by the sea, the river or in a green space, nurturing affinities between art and nature.

The series of podcasts “Passeios Verdes” by Diana Policarpo, brings together guided botanical visits made by various experts, from spontaneous medicinal and community flora, to the sound environment and heritage and historical dimension of Tapada das Necessidades. Anyone visiting the site can consult a map designed specifically for this purpose, walk through the itineraries suggested on it, while listening to the routes previously recorded in audio and made available online on the BoCA e na SoundCloud website.

In this interactive tour, without an appointment, the importance of plant life in public space will be made known, the maintenance of biodiversity and the identification of the various species that inhabit this place which is in danger.

With the participation of: Fernanda Botelho, Ivo Meco, Margarida Mendes, Amigos da Tapada das Necessidades with guests João Albuquerque Carreiras, Pedro Costa and Fernando Teigão dos Santos.

Required for the tour: Smartphone cell phone with internet connection; recommended the use of headphones.

Curatorship: Delfim Sardo and Sílvia Gomes
Artist: Diana Policarpo
Photography: Bruno Simão, Sara Matos / BoCA Contemporary Arts Biennial 2021
Graphic Design: João M. Machado
Production: BoCA
Institutional partner: Republic of Portugal / Ministry of Culture


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