The 4th week of BoCA was with Bendik Giske & Romeu Runa, Yvonne Rainer, Pedro Alves Sousa, Frederica Campos & Os Moços da Viola Campaniça, Ntando Cele e Julian Hetzel, A Revolta do Milho, Rui Catalão, João Pais Filipe e Marco da Silva Ferreira, Lisboa Criola x Gabriel Chaile

3 October 2023

We’re more than halfway through. Last week, we were moved by various immersive proposals, from projects whose concerns were as universal as they were local. We were thrilled by the sounds of Alentejo, through the viola and harp in the concert by Os Moços da Viola Campaniça & Frederica Campos, but also through the rattles of Alcáçovas and the sound and physical movements in “Terra Cobre”. We went into a trance with the beauty of Pedro Alves Sousa’s opera in the Salão Nobre of the São Carlos National Theatre, and the unforgettable performance-concert by Bendik Giske and Romeu Runa in a sold out National Pantheon. We revisited the stories and memories of “A Revolta do Milho”, the migrants in “Quimera” and “Mal de Ulisses”, and Alcindo Monteiro in the third activation around the work of Gabriel Chaile. We felt the transgressive power of being a woman, with Yvonne Rainer, and of being a black woman, with Ntando Cele.