A 3rd week in company with Agnieszka Polska, Milo Rau, Jacira da Conceição, Julian Hetzel & Ntando Cele, António Poppe, Marina Herlop and Marcus Lindeen

26 September 2023

In the third week of BoCA, we didn’t slow down. In Faro, we marked the Algarve premiere of Catalan artist Marina Herlop, the installation “Terra Cobre” by João Pais Filipe and Marco da Silva Ferreora and the theater play “The Talking Car” by Agnieszka Polska. In Lisbon, we also get to know the alien vocabulary of Marina Herlop in an exhausted National Pantheon and the spiritual vocabulary of António Poppe in the Carpintarias de São Lázaro, as well as the powerful stories of “The New Gospel” by Milo Rau and “Regretters” by Marcus Lindeen in Ideal Cinema. With the national premiere of the show by Julian Hetzel and Ntando Cele, “SPAfrica”, and the performance-walk in the center of Lisbon “Insularidade” by Jacira da Conceição we were confronted with the beauties and pitfalls of migrant “otherness” and black.