5th week of BoCA with Paul B. Preciado, Vera Mantero, Teresa Silva, Orquestra do Algarve, Jacira da Conceição, Herlander, Keli Freitas, Podeserdesligado, Héctor Zamora, Marcus Lindeen

10 October 2023

Over the 5th week of BoCA program, various artistic proposals have led us to discover the “Invisible Present”, which drives reflections and transformations: in the field of gender oppression, with Paul B. Preciado or Marcus Lindeen; and racial oppression, with the beats of Podeserdesligado or the new mythology of Jacira Conceição. We also visited the obligatory body of work of the Portuguese Mário Cesariny, in poetry, and the American John Luther Adams, in music, as well as the arsenal of precise movements by Vera Mantero and Teresa Silva.